Music Production

  • Vocal recording

  • Drum recording

  • Solid State Logic


Toproom Studio is a nice studio located at Lunner, 60 km north from Oslo. The studio have produced albums for 27 years this summer 2020! The studio has been famous for great productions like Mayhem, Borknagar, Tristania, Extol, Sadus, Winds, Arcturus, Ulver, Big Bang, Tritonus, Solefald, Âsmegin, Backstreet Girls, Carnivora and many, many more....about 350 albums..

Børge Finstad

The Studio

Børge Finstad is the owner of the studio. He is also the in-house engineer/producer. He is famous for his job as a mixing engineer in all genre, but most metal. The studio also have an great assistant engineer.

The studio have aircondition. Toproom Studio have great standards with high-end equipment, and very low prices. We use a Solid State Logic 40 ch console. Clients can feel free to rent the studio without engineer. The artists can rent a house nearby with good standards at affordable prices during productions. The studio clients can also use "Mixermans" trolling boat w. equipment, and go fishing.....Big trouts and pikes!